Why Every Circle of Friends Needs a Medical Mom

Why Every Circle of Friends Needs a Medical Mom

Medical Moms are awesome! Every circle of friends needs one. They’re reliable when it matters most and the time they spend with their friends means the entire world to them. Here are even more reasons why EVERY circle of friends needs a Medical Mom!

  1. They know how to ask the right questions. No one is more efficient at understanding a situation quickly than a parent who regularly deals with doctors in a hurry.
  2. Saying no comes easy. These Moms have had a ton of practice. Medical Moms say no to nursing students, residents, and many others who either don’t have their child’s best interest at heart or don’t have the experience needed toย treat their child.
  3. No time to gossip or beat around the bush. These women have better things to do.
  4. Their schedules are crazy, but they tend to be home when their friends need them most. Most of the doctor and therapist appointments happen while everyone else is at work. If you need a hand at night, or an emergency comes up on the weekend, these women can do more to help than you first assume they can.
  5. They will appreciate you and any help you give them. If a Medical Mom can’t return the favor, they won’t forget they owe you one. One day they’ll return it.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try! They can be difficult to meet because of their chaotic schedule, but once you connect with them, you won’t regret it. The best way to find local Medical Moms in your area is to look for them on Facebook. Most of them join Facebook Groups that support them and can answer important questions that just don’t warrant a middle of the night call to the doctor. If you see they’re a member of a medical group; it’s a reasonable bet that they’re a Medical Mom.

Why would a Medical Mom join a group of friends that doesn’t share in their struggle? It’s healthy to get away from the situation from time to time. Being constantly immersed in medical jargon and your child’s condition isn’t healthy. Medical Moms need to get out and spend time with other women to recharge their batteries. Even introverted Medical Moms will still benefit from having friends outside of their child’s medical struggles. It’s a win-win for both the Medical Mom and the whole friend circle!

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  1. One of my circlec is made of medical mums.
    And they’re all to some degree medically qualified too!
    Nurses, speech pathologists, doctors, pharmacists – you name it.
    It makes for some very interesting holidays, overqualified and always helpful so that nothing can go wrong.

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