Recommend a Product

Do you have a product you love and want to share it with our audience? Maybe it’s a book you read and thought was wonderful, or even a book you wrote! You might’ve found a weighted blanket that’s held up through thick and thin despite rough and tumble use. Let us know about it! We’ll take a look and may include it on our Amazon Affiliate Store.

Even if the book or product is your own, there’s no cost to having it listed in our store. It simply must be available on Amazon. We work hard to ensure parents of special needs and medically complex children can find the things they need. Information is only a small part of our vision for this site.

If you would like to advertise with us, please contact us. You’ll need to include the services you’re requesting. All sponsored content will be clearly marked as such. We reserve the right to decline a request for any reason. Possible options include:

  • Sponsored post (written by us or you)
  • Social media sharing
  • Product reviews
  • Sidebar links

Our audience primarily consists of parents who have special needs or medically complex children as well as those who like to follow our journey.