Dealing with, What if?

This is a fairly typical problem, but takes on a whole different form when applied to the health difficulties of a loved one. When it’s your child, it can be completely overwhelming to think about all the different possible scenarios that could happen. Every procedure has risks. Every time your child goes into the doctor’s office they could get sick (and for many special needs kids, that’s no minor thing).

Worrying about what might happen isn’t productive for you or your child. If you’re doing everything you can to prevent something bad from happening, then you’re doing an excellent job. There’s no, “one size fits all,” solution to this problem, because how you handle it depends on how you’re handling having a child with medical difficulties. I’ve reached acceptance and I don’t struggle with the idea of him having medical concerns. If you can reach that stage, then you’ll have more energy to deal with other worries and concerns. Until then, here are some thoughts that might help. Repeating these positive thoughts may help ease your stress and anxiety.

“I am doing everything in my power to prevent harm.”
“I am doing everything in my power to make my child better.”
“My child’s medical condition isn’t my fault.”
“Mistakes happen, and if I make one I’ll do better next time.”
“I forgive myself for… [any burdens you may be carrying].”

Are there other things that help you feel better when you’re overwhelmed? I would love to hear what helps you get through these difficult situations.

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