Check Out My Book, Becoming a Medical Mom!

Check Out My Book, Becoming a Medical Mom!

Did you know I wrote a book? It’s a comprehensive guide to coordinating and managing your child’s medical care.

It received a 4 out of 4 rating from’s Official Review. Here are two highlights from the review:

“Ashley gives the good and bad of most situations in dealing with the basic parts of having a child with medical issues. She is not partial on subjects and doesn’t glorify doctors or disdain them. She tells what you will expect, terms and titles you should understand, and the basics of traversing the initial medical protocol.”

“I think this book is a great read for anyone that is or will be a parent, because everyone, and not just definitive situations with medical issues, should know what all goes into being a parent with a medical situation and what to expect.”

According to customer testimonials…

“I’ve been living the Medical Mom life for nearly 12 years. This book is VERY well written and covers what I wish someone had told me all those years ago…”

“It’s written in a way that moms can understand and clearly explains medical jargon that medical moms might come across.”

You can see the full reviews on the book’s page.

You can preview the book for free on as well. If you’re still on the fence here is the book’s description. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments and I’ll respond within 24 hours!

Becoming a Medical Mom

A “Medical Mom” is a mother of a child with medical difficulties. Typically these mothers have been through one or more hospital admissions. Their child may or may not have a diagnosis. At first, they’re frazzled and unsure but, over time, they become staunch advocators for their children and their medical needs. My goal is to reach the frazzled and unsure beginners and expedite their development into the advocates their children need them to be. Everyone has to start somewhere. The journey to becoming a fully-fledged medical mama is no exception. Whether you have some medical knowledge already, or don’t have a clue what any of the words the doctor is using mean, you’re in the right place. I’m going to make sure you know the basics. By the time you’re through, you’ll know how to survive admission, whether it’s a day or a month.

You can do this. I know it’s overwhelming. The things the doctors say may not even be making sense right now. If you’ve already received a diagnosis, your head is still spinning trying to figure out what that means for you and your child. If you haven’t, but your child is obviously struggling and no one knows why you’re not alone. There is a ton of women out there, just like you, which have no idea what’s wrong with their child.
If you’re a medical dad, let me apologize in advance. Most of the medical parents I know are mothers. Many fathers help, but the mothers frequently provide the majority of medical care to the child. If you are your child’s primary medical caregiver, you’re just as awesome as us moms! Please don’t feel intimidated by the fact I refer to mothers throughout the text. It applies to dads too.

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  1. There’s a non profit started by mothers of children with bipolar disorder who I used to blog for, International Bipolar Disorder in San Diego. They are well followed on facebook and right now, publishing a lot of ‘mother’ or ‘family’ or ‘parent’ blogs. So is a different outlet, a for profit mag called “Bipolar Hope.” I’d love to talk to you about the process you can write a book and get it up and available. I have the side effect of tardive dyskinesia. People need to know the risk factors, ideas on prevention, the type of drug that Nami says causes it in 30-50% of patients who take these drugs over a decade, etc. Can you write in word and then how do you get someone to reformat it for you?

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    • Where you choose to work with to publish your book depends somewhat on the format. If you’re self-publishing I recommend starting with Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and going from there. That will get you started on an eBook. To publish in paperback I went with Createspace.

      Both of these can be written with M.S. Word. For Kindle, you’ll eventually save it off as an html file. Createspace takes the M.S. Word file directly. KDP has a set of guidelines they provide in order to ensure your book translates well to html and then to eBook. If you follow those guidelines you’re unlikely to have any issues with Createspace.

      I did all the formatting myself as I was writing. My husband and a few friends reviewed the book for grammatical errors and ease of reading. My husband was especially helpful suggesting additional content and questioning me where statements I made were unsubstantiated or confusing.

      The biggest mistake I’ve seen people make when self-publishing is insufficient editing. Writing the book is in many ways the easy part. Turning it into something other people can read and understand can take just as long as the initial draft. Good luck! If you have detailed questions feel free to e-mail me through the contact form on the web page. I don’t put my e-mail address on the site to avoid spam bots, but you’ll have it as soon as I respond.


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