First Draft Complete, Untitled Manuscript

Those who follow my social media accounts already know I’m working on a second book. I completed the first draft this past Monday, May 16th. It came to 8,743 words. I find this rather impressive considering it’s only the core of the story. There are currently no sub-plots. There are only a handful of named characters. That’s a lot of words for such a straight forward dialog.

I need to let it sit for a week before I go back and look through it. I’m sure I’m missing at least an important sub-plot if not core pieces of the main plot. Regardless, here’s what I can tell you about the book so far.

  • It’s an emotional read, at least for me.
  • It’s fiction.
  • There are going to be times where, due to the main character’s level of stress, events may be unclear to the reader. I would like some input on whether or not readers might find that more annoying than helpful as a literary tool.
  • The editing process of this book is going to be just as painful, if not more so, than the last book. Have I mentioned I don’t like editing?

As I mentioned in the post title the manuscript has no name. Without a name, I don’t have any clue what the cover art might look like. It simply felt appropriate at this point to share that the book exists and appears to be a project which will live past its infancy to see publication. I would love to hear any comments or input you might have below!

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