What to Expect Before and After Your Child’s G-Tube Surgery

What to Expect Before and After Your Child’s G-Tube Surgery

Everyone’s experience is slightly different. Expect there to be some variation between your experiences and mine. Please, do not take any information in this post as medical advice. Any suggestions are simply that. Please do not take anything written here as reason to go against orders of your child’s doctor or nurse.

Before you leave home, I recommend taking the following with you:

  • Any medical supplies your child may need in case of an emergency on the way to the hospital.
  • Two days worth of clothes, and anything else you want to bring to stay the night. If there’s any concern about whether or not your child is developing an infection they may not discharge you after the first night.
  • A can of formula if your child is on something uncommon. If you can’t walk into your local grocery store and buy it, the hospital may not have it either.
  • Familiar cups / bottles / etc.

When you arrive at the hospital you’ll sign in and be invited to have a seat in the waiting room. The time of your surgery depends upon the age of your child. The youngest go in earliest in the morning. They’ll call you back when they’re ready to start with the paperwork and introductions.

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