Deal with Tomorrow When it Comes

Deal with Tomorrow When it Comes

It’s difficult, when your child has medical difficulties, not to worry about what tomorrow brings. Good days take turns with bad ones. On good days you worry a bad day is next. On bad days you worry tomorrow will be worse. When bad days chain together it feels like it’ll never end. Our minds are talented at focusing on the negative. Bringing your thoughts toward the positive can bring a significant improvement to how you feel about your life.

Sit quietly for a moment, when you can, and focus your thoughts inward. Feel your clothes against your skin. Are you hot or cold? Are you hungry or thirsty? How are you doing right now? Are you stressed, calm, angry, upset? Take a few minutes and meet your needs. If you’re cold grab a blanket or change clothes. If you’re hungry or thirsty grab food or a drink. Take a deep breath and try to let any negative feelings go, just for now. Don’t worry, they’ll still be there later.

Ignore tomorrow for now. There isn’t anything you can do about it anyway. It will be what it will be. You have the rest of today to enjoy. Think about what you would like to do right now. Do you have a hobby you’ve put aside and would like to go back to? If you’ve been at the computer for a while, maybe get up and have a good stretch while you think about it. You might already be doing what you want to do. If so, great!

The easiest way to overwhelm yourself is to worry. Enjoy today, and deal with tomorrow when it comes.

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