Three Signs You Need to Fire Your Child’s Home Nursing Agency

Great tips for those who are frequently battling with their home nurse.

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For those of us whose children require in-home nursing, agencies are often the first resource suggested to us by hospital personnel and discharge nurses. Because they have access to multiple nurses, agencies can often respond to the need for care quickly. Many hospitals suggest that families use agencies instead of independent nurses because they assume that the quality of care is managed more closely in agency settings.

By contrast, most families who use home nursing have found that agency nurses are often less invested in the care of their patients, as they can simply quit and find another agency with little consequence. The way many agencies are managed contributes to the poor quality of care some families receive from agencies, since the nurses are bounced from one case to the next when families are dissatisfied with the care their child is receiving. We had this experience recently with an agency…

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