Our Family, Gov’t Style (Silly)

Our Family, Gov’t Style (Silly)

We have three people in our home, Mom (Me), Dad, and the Toddler. I’ve realized lately how much our family function resembles the structure of the U.S. Gov’t. Weird I know, but allow me to explain. The Toddler is most definitely President of our family. I’m Congress, both branches (I do what I want, or so I tell myself). Dad is the Supreme Court.

Mr. Toddler has the astounding ability to veto each and every rule I attempt to issue. He didn’t use this power quite so frequently, but as we reach the terrible twos it’s an almost constant battle. Thankfully, I can override vetos since I’m the ENTIRETY of Congress all wrapped into one (take that, partisan brinksmanship). I do have to be a little careful because the Toddler is not very fond of having his vetos overridden, and doing it too frequently results in even more vetos (meltdown, yikes). Don’t even get me started on executive orders.

I’m Congress, so I get to set the budget, make the rules, and override the Toddler as needed (as infrequently as I can possibly manage, but still often). This sounds like a lot of power, but ultimately if Mr. Toddler and I don’t see, “eye to eye,” little gets done. We spend all of our time fighting over the rules without any real meaningful progress (OK, maybe there’s still some partisan brinksmanship). Then there’s Dad.

Dad, as the Supreme Court, mostly functions as the complaint department. In order to avoid, “legislating from the bench,” he mostly listens and makes adjustments in the least invasive way possible. Mr. Toddler appeals to Dad whenever he feels a rule is unfair, generally with a bigger pout than I can EVER remember being able to produce. I’m then left to provide justification for said rule and convince Dad to inform Mr. Toddler that his appeal of unfairness is denied and he really must do things he doesn’t want to do. Occasionally the appeal succeeds and Dad carries off said Toddler with many comforting snuggles, thereby allowing him to avoid whatever unfairness Mom was attempting to subject him to.

All in all, the system works for us! The balance of power is mostly preserved except Mr. Toddler has usurped some powers of Congress. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court refuses to take up the case and attempts to impeach have not been successful.

I needed a laugh and I truly enjoyed writing this. I hope it brings a smile to your face as well. The plan is to be back to writing by the weekend after hubby’s surgery. If all goes well I’ll only miss a post or two this week.

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