A Special Bond

A Special Bond

Mothers frequently have a unique bond with their children. Something about being “Mom,” or “Dad” where he’s the primary caregiver, creates a connection with your child which cannot be broken. Mothers who adopt have it as well, as does anyone who serves as a child’s primary caregiver. The unbreakable tie between you and your child becomes stronger when your child has medical difficulties or special needs.

It’s not that these caregivers love their children any more than anyone else. It’s a strengthening which increases the sensitivity of both Mom and the child to the connection itself. It’s as if you can feel your child’s presence through a sixth sense. Their emotions are as clear as day. Personally, I frequently become tired when my son gets tired even if he shows no outward signs of fatigue. If I take a nap while he’s sleeping, I wake up around the same time he does.

If you overthink it, it’s almost too close. In reality, it’s more sitting next to a cozy fire. The presence is not intrusive nor combative. It simply is, and it makes communication as easy as a look, a whimper, or a touch. It allows for the exchange of emotions even when there are no words. Discipline is tough though not impossible. However, you must have the energy and strength to feel how distressed your child is at a deep emotional level.

I never expected to be this close to anyone. I didn’t even know it was possible to be this close to someone. Now that I know, I’m glad to have experienced this feeling. Even if the distance increases as my son gets older I will never forget the connection we have right now.

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