Christmas? Not Ready!

I’m not ready for Christmas. All the gifts haven’t even arrived yet. One box is scheduled to show up Christmas Eve. I’m going to be wrapping presents on Christmas Eve. It’s going to be glorious. I already have all the food for “Christmas dinner” on Christmas Eve thankfully. My husband asked me last night to pick up something from the grocery store “when I go” and then asked if I was going today. Today? The 23rd of December? Go to a place where they sell gifts? Hah! He’s a funny man. No more stores for me until after Christmas and even then, only stores where the returns and checkout counters are seperate.

The progress I have made is tenuous at best. There’ve been two attempts already to unwrap the presents I’ve already wrapped. I have a bucket of water and a mop on standby to thoroughly clean up any vomiting episodes. I tried to wait until the last minute to mop the floors but I realized a few days ago there were just too many things to put it off. Today’s project is vacuming. Hopefully, you’ll still be able to tell I vacumed tomorrow.

Christmas day is going to be an adventure. You know that nap thing where two-year-olds transform from grouchy little monsters to their preferred angelic selves? Ours isn’t going to get one on Christmas day unless he naps in the car (he probably won’t). From the time he wakes up on Christmas morning we’ll have a continuously deteriorating situation on our hands.

So, the plan is to wrap presents the night before Christmas for the people I’ll see after Christmas day. We’ll celebrate over two days and hope the endless festivities don’t drive me and my husband insane while the toddler succumbs to overstimulation and lack of sleep multiple times each day. Exciting huh?! How are you planning to handle this holiday season?

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