Morning Ritual

I’ve started doing my makeup every day. Part of it is, as my son gets older, I’m better able to do something with both hands while he plays on his own. The main reason is more complex than that. I don’t think of makeup like I used to.

It used to be something to cover up my flaws and I hated the process. Staring in the mirror identifying each of my deficiencies and attempting to thoroughly hide each one was a miserable process. I avoided it and only put it on when the situation absolutely required. Even then I may have skipped it from time to time.

Now I think of makeup more like a type of war paint. Putting it on is a process that declares to myself I’m ready to take on the day’s challenges. It announces to others I’m present and prepared for whatever needs to be done. Can I take care of everything without it? Of course, but the ritual of putting it on prepares my mind and body.

Some of my flaws do get covered up in the process, but I don’t lean over into the mirror checking thoroughly to verify I’ve perfectly covered each one. Instead, I go through the process and they’re covered along the way. If any show through that’s fine. After all, looking perfect wasn’t the point in the first place.

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