Back on the Curve

Our son had fallen off of his growth curve about six months ago. Since he was getting close to two years old, he was tested for milk allergy. When his results came back they indicated he was likely no longer allergic to milk. In light of this new information, his GI (gastroenterologist) recommended we switch him to Pediasure Peptide 1.5.

At our last follow up our son regained his place on his growth curve. Now that he’s back to doing well we’re starting the tube weaning process. Due to Noonan’s Syndrome, we don’t expect it to be fast or easy. Truly we’ve been working on tube weaning all along. Our efforts have just been focused more on preventing bad things, like oral aversion, over forcing progress. We now believe all medical issues have been resolved to the point we can begin forcing progress without causing harm.

He’s doing well so far. We’ve been working with him more aggressively for about two weeks now and he’s already improved his willingness to bite on his back teeth. He’s eating at least a tablespoon of cereal with milk in the morning. Sometimes he’s eating as much as a cup of it depending how he’s feeling. We’re taking steps to increase the calories of his food. Whole milk and higher calorie cereals seem to be making a significant difference.

In about two weeks we’ll check back in with GI and decide how well the weaning process is working. So far he appears to be doing extremely well. Getting a toddler to stand still on a scale is always a difficult thing and he’s too tall now for the infant scale. Regardless, even as it fluctuates it’s clear he’s gaining weight. I hope and pray with all of my heart he continues to do well.

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