Emergency Preparedness – Hurricanes

Emergency Preparedness – Hurricanes

Hurricane season is officially here with the arrival of Hurricane Hermine last night in Florida. I realized as I lay in bed trying to go to sleep that I had yet to do a post about the challenges unique to Hurricanes. I published a similar post about snow last winter if you’d like to check it out. Hurricanes, however, are a different beast. The challenges commonly presented include:

  1. Power outages
  2. High winds and structural damage
  3. Flooding

The number one thing to remember with a medically complex child or even an adult that needs assistance is to evacuate the moment you’re asked to do so. If you’re new to living in an area visited by Hurricanes, these are not just rough storms. They destroy large swaths of property. There will not be power, and you’re unlikely to have fresh water. If you insist on staying after the evacuation order you are taking your life and the life of your charge into your own hands.

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