Toddlers and Glasses, 7 Common Questions

  1. How on earth do they test toddlers for glasses? They can’t tell you whether or not an image is blurry.
    They can shine a light into their eyes and when the light is in focus, that means their vision is in focus. There’s more to it, but essentially they remove the communication requirement.
  2. How do you keep them on?
    Very carefully. No, seriously. The strap on the back is so he won’t lose them. It actually has little if anything to do with keeping them on his face. He takes them off when he’s angry, tired, or wants attention. Essentially they’re on his face because he’s forgotten they’re there. Please don’t remind him.
  3. They make glasses for kids that young?
    Yes, but they’re not easy to find. If you don’t know where to look you can easily spend a long time and way too much money trying to find a place that makes a pair your child can stand.
    Pro tip: If you have vision insurance, call and ask. They’ll know which places in your area sell glasses for toddlers.
  4. That’s an interesting color! I thought they only made pink and blue!
    They make them in just about every color under the sun, but choosing pink or blue is an easy way to broadcast to the world your child is a boy or girl.
  5. He doesn’t break them?
    Nope, they’re solid flexible plastic and the strap is elastic. They’re virtually indestructible. I won’t say completely indestructible, because if I did tomorrow my son would choose to prove me wrong and that would be expensive.
  6. How do you keep them clean?
    We don’t really. He throws up on them, spits up on them, puts fingerprints on them, and spills food on them every chance he gets. They get cleaned at least five to ten times every day.
  7. He’s so cute!
    Yes, he is. He’s a complete chick magnet. Every woman even slightly interested in children can spot him from a mile off. Some try to resist and end up coming to say hi anyway. Thankfully he loves the attention.

Mistakes and Five Tips to Avoid them or Minimize their Impact

Mistakes and Five Tips to Avoid them or Minimize their Impact

Everyone makes mistakes, and we all know that. We’ve been told a million times, “everyone makes mistakes, don’t beat yourself up over it.” That doesn’t quite help at the moment though, because the stakes are a bit higher than they’ve been in the past.

Forgot to turn on the pump last night? That’s less calories a continuously fed child is going to get, and it’s not hard to do. Even more common, your child rolls just the wrong way and disconnects himself from the pump. He doesn’t wake up because he’s exhausted, and you have no idea. When one of you finally wakes up, the bed has gotten all of the feeding and some stomach acid. You try to prevent it, but nothing is fool-proof. Besides, you can’t connect it too tight because it needs to release if your child gets tangled in the tubing!

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