Life Goes On

Life Goes On

As some of you have already noticed, I’ve been publishing a little less frequently this past week or two. This will probably continue through early October because, well, life happens. Our son is continuing to do well. We have a lot of doctors appointments in October, but nothing we can’t handle. Unfortunately, our son’s need for additional attention and care doesn’t preclude other things from happening.

Dad is having surgery soon, outpatient thankfully. I don’t want to go into additional detail except to say his recovery is expected to be short and he’ll be back on his feet within a week or two. We also have someone coming to help while he’s completely laid up, so no need to worry. All we need are your positive thoughts and prayers, which you already give on a continuous basis. We are forever thankful for them.

I normally don’t share things that come up because my goal is to provide support, not weigh anyone down with additional worry. In this case, I thought there would be value in sharing that things happen even when you’re already struggling. I believe we’re all capable of handling more, even if it feels like we’re pushed to our limit each and every day. You’re not alone when things come up you never could’ve anticipated. Just do your best and keep going. If no one else says it, I want you to know doing your best IS good enough. All of your hard work is appreciated, even if only by one adorable little soul that can’t tell you how much.

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