Unpredictable Digestive Hiccups

It’s always so unpredictable what’s going to set our son’s digestive system off. You would think since he eats the same thing every day for most of his calories that he would be relatively consistent. You would be wrong, unfortunately. No matter how consistent we keep the external factors he has his own ways of surprising us.

His stomach has been upset for the past several days and we can’t figure out why. We’ve changed nothing. There hasn’t been any illness that we know of. In fact, when he’s had enough sleep he’s the most active he’s ever been! It’s tough to get enough sleep when you don’t feel well but once in a while, he does seem to catch up during the day with longer naps.

I would like to say this is routine by now but it never really becomes routine when your child doesn’t feel well. It’s stressing me out badly that I can’t make him feel better. I hope things go back to “normal” with his digestion sooner rather than later. There’s really no good answer I’ve ever been able to find for why his digestive system seizes up sometimes. I know many other parents with this same problem, many whose children are much worse off than our son. Hopefully, the medical research they’re doing with the Enteric Neuroscience Program will lead to some insight.

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