Summer is Coming!

We’re in the middle of a rainy Spring here and it’s such a relief Winter is behind us. Our son missed a lot of school due to snow and ice in addition to the days he missed for doctors’ appointments. I’m so over the cold. With the weather improving, it’s time to bring up some of the topics that see frequent discussion every year once the weather warms!

Do you have any special plans coming up? I would love to hear about them! We have a difficult time traveling with our son and he doesn’t tolerate the heat well. I would enjoy some sources of inspiration on how we might be able to take a tubie-friendly adventure this Summer.

Our 2015 Summer Adventures

Our 2015 Summer Adventures

This is, for all intents and purposes, my son’s first real summer. We spent last summer struggling to help him gain weight, including an uncomfortably long hospital admission. Now that he’s doing better we’ve started exploring all of the awesome activities you can do during the summer!

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