Three Ways to Lift Your Spirits

This Thanksgiving was hard on so many. A lot of the people I know had a wonderful thanksgiving. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. However, not everyone was so fortunate. Some of my fellow Moms spent Thanksgiving in the hospital away from their other children and their families. Others were left out because someone assumed they didn’t want to do something because of their child’s medical history. Still more were pulled into drama-filled situations for which they didn’t have the emotional strength to spare.

  • Those who couldn’t make it to the table, you were missed. Don’t let anything convince you otherwise.
  • If you were left out I can guarantee you there are hundreds, if not more, families who would have loved to have had you join them if they knew of your situation.
  • Unfortunately, family drama is part of the holidays. The pain and stress will fade. I’m sorry they pulled you in. Many don’t understand how little emotional strength is left over after we support our kids.

Here are a few tips I use to lift my spirits when I’ve gone through a particularly stressful situation.

  1. Step outside. Just the sunlight seems to have a magical effect on me and instantly improves my mood.
  2. Wear my favorite perfume, do my makeup, and/or style my hair. Looking good makes me feel good too!
  3. Exercise. Even a short walk makes me feel a lot better. Do it outside for an extra boost!

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